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Signed Picture from Skandar for all the fans
I have a wonderful surprise for all the fans of our website, Skandar Keynes Fan. Two months ago, I finally received a signed picture from Skandar in the mail thanking us for our previous birthday project and for all of our support.

This is the second confirmation that Skandar definitely got our birthday book and music CD for his 16th birthday. For more information on the Skandar Birthday Project (2007) and to see pictures of it, please visit the Birthday Section of the website.

Of course, you will find a scan of the signed picture in our photo gallery:

19 Jan 2009 by Michael | Comments (17)

Photo Gallery Update!
I have done a huge update in the photo gallery with lots of new and old pictures from «Prince Caspian» movie and various events Skandar Keynes has attended.

- 6 Stills from Prince Caspian 


- 8 PC Behind the Scenes Stills (HQ)  -  thanks to Skandar-Keynes.com for some of them


- 31 pictures from the National Movie Awards Appearance


- 17 old HQ pictures from the Planet Hollywood Appearence back in 2005  -  thanks to Skandar.net


Be sure to take a look at all of them !

19 Jan 2009 by Michael | Comments (11)

Sorry for not updating...
I'm so sorry for not updating this website for a long time, but I recently started high-level college (the equivalence of the first years of university in most countries) in medical sciences. I would like to later become a doctor (like Skandar Keynes) and this means a lot of studies and perseverance because I have to get the best grades. Consequently, I had unfortunately no time to devote to this website during the first term. Now that I'm in vacation for a few days, I will try to catch up and update Skandar Keynes Fan.

However, when the second term of school will begin, I don't know if I will be able to update again. Therefore, if any of you is interested in the co-web job and has the required qualifications for it, do not hesitate to apply (just fill in the form in the job openings section). The future co-web would update the website for me with the latest news while I'm too busy with school.

Nevertheless, I wish to thank you for all your support and perpetual interest in this fansite. Without the implication of all the fans, this great project would not have been possible! The updates will follow in a moment...

19 Jan 2009 by Michael | Comments (1)

Prince Caspian on DVD, Quote & Video Interviews

Firstly, Disney will be releasing ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’ to DVD and Blu-ray on December 2nd, 2008, right in time for the holidays! The release will include audio commentary with cast and crew members, featuring Skandar Keynes himself, behind-the-scenes documentaries, deleted scenes and much more.

In second place, a few more HQ pictures from Prince Caspian and LWW are now available at the gallery.


I have also found that Ben Barnes admires Skandar for his talents:
I think every actor wants to be a rock star, and every singer secretly wants to be an actor. My admiration is bigger towards actors who play music just for fun, although it can be very annoying when someone is good at absolutely everything. Skandar Keynes, who plays Edmund Pevensie in ‘Prince Caspian’, is someone like that. On set, he was always singing and playing the guitar...
Finally, take a look at these 3 very interesting video interviews I found on YouTube:

-> Skandar Keynes at the London Premiere (complete interview)
Skandar talks about the wonderful premiere and shares his reaction to all the crazy fans he had during this special event.

-> StaraVideo Interview (Skandar & Anna)
Skandar explains the maturation of his character in the new movie and talks about the things he had to learn in order to act in action scenes. He also mentions the various activities he did during his free time on set and his general hobbies at home.

-> ABC News Interview (William & Anna)
William Moseley tells the interviewer one of his fun experiences when shooting the movie (at the beginning of the video). It was when the cast went surfing in New Zealand and that Skandar got burnt. *Thanks to Emily for the heads up.

16 Aug 2008 by Michael | Comments (0)

Pictures, Videos, Articles huge update
First of all, I have done a huge update in the photo gallery with lots of new high-quality pictures from «Prince Caspian» & «The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe» movies, and magazines.

- PC Stills (HQ)


- PC Promotional Images (HQ) & PC Posters (HQ)


- PC Behind the Scenes Stills (HQ)  -  thanks to NarniaWeb


- LWW Behind the Scenes Stills (HQ) & LWW Promotional Images (HQ)


- LWW Stills (HQ)  -  thanks to Shootastic


- French Magazine "One" Scans  -  thanks to Skandar.net


In second place, I found 4 new videos featuring Skandar on the web:

- MTV’s Making The Movie: Prince Caspian Part 1
- MTV’s Making The Movie: Prince Caspian Part 2
- MTV’s Making The Movie: Prince Caspian Part 3
- MTV’s Making The Movie: Prince Caspian Part 4

Finally, The Lebanon Daily Star has posted an interesting article about Skandar’s visit to Beirut (he was on his annual holiday there). It talks about a charity event screening of Prince Caspian that Skandar Keynes attended for the local Marjayoun’s Atallah Sports Club. The event was organized by his mother, Zelfa Hourani, to raise consciousness about the athletic facilities available for children in the Marjayoun area.   ->  Do not forget to read the full article here.

15 Aug 2008 by Michael | Comments (4)

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